How do you change the radiator

  • 1999 SAAB 9-5
How do you change the radiator
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Radiator, 4-cyl.

To Remove

WARNING Take care if the car is warm. The coolant is hot and there is also a risk of burning yourself on the manifold.

Open the cap on the expansion tank and release the pressure.
Raise the car.
Remove the front lower cover.
Drain the coolant from the radiator.
Lower the car to the floor.

Undo the hose clip on the upper radiator hose.
Remove the fan assembly, see Cooling Fan Motor, 4 cyl.
For cars with automatic transmission, also remove the connections to the oil cooler on the transmission.

NOTE: Have a receptacle handy to catch any fluid spill.

Loosen the cooling system vent hose.
Unplug the A/C compressor's connector.
Loosen the lower radiator hose from the coolant pump (attached with a hose clamp at the pump).

Detach the radiator from the bodywork.
Remove the radiator.

NOTE If the radiator is to be removed for some time, it should be filled with liquid and the pipe connections plugged.

To fit

NOTE Make sure that the hose clip on the lower radiator hose is situated as high up as possible, close to the coolant pump connection, when fitting the radiator

Spray all connectors with Kontakt 61 contact cleaner, part No. 30 04520.

Fit in reverse order.
Switch off the A/C or ACC. Fill with coolant to the MAX level. Do not forget to close the drain plug on the radiator first. Refer to Coolant; Specifications for mixtures. Close the lid.
Start the engine and run unloaded at varying engine speeds until warm and the radiator fan starts.
Turn off the engine and top up to the MAX level.
Check the oil level in the automatic gearbox and top up as necessary.
Switch off the engine.
Raise the car.
Check for any leakage.
Fit the lower front cover.
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