So I have to replace the key cilinder in my 99.

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So I have to replace the key cilinder in my 99 Sunfire and I have the tools and the part is cheap and all of the demos I have watched make it seem pretty fast and simple. However I cannot seem to find exact specs of how to do it and I have concern about the AIR BAG, I see on some cars theres things for that that need to be dissconnected I was woundering if you might have any additional search options thank you
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1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disable air bag system. See appropriate AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEMS article. Remove lower left insulator panel. Disconnect 2 Yellow 2 way SIR connectors. Remove
tilt lever. Turn lock cylinder to RUN position. Press locking button on back of steering column housing assembly. Remove lock cylinder. Disconnect ground strap from lock preload spring (if equipped). Remove
lock preload spring.
2. To install, reverse removal procedure. When installing lock cylinder, ensure sector is in RUN position. With key in lock cylinder, align locking tab with slot in housing and press into position. To complete
pay particular attention to air bag deactivation. If there is a proble whn install take to a professional to fix it right. You can destroy the airbags which is about $1000 to fix plus the windshield

Disabling & Activating System (All Other Models)

1. Turn steering wheel to place wheels in straight ahead position. Turn ignition switch to LOCK position, and remove ignition key. Remove AIR BAG fuse, AIR BAG 1C fuse, or Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
(SIR) fuse from instrument panel fuse block (underhood junction block on Park Avenue). Wait at least 10 MINUTES.
2. Remove knee bolster, sound insulator, or trim panel (as necessary) from under steering column. Remove Connector Position Assurance (CPA) clip, and disconnect Yellow 2 pin connector located at base of
steering column. See Fig. 2 or Fig. 3 .

NOTE: On "C" & "K" Pickups, Cavalier, Century, Grand Prix, Intrigue, Regal, Sierra, Suburban and Sunfire, passenger side air bag Yellow 2 pin connector is
located near base of steering column.

3. On models with passenger side air bag, remove knee bolster, trim panel, sound insulator, glove box or glove box door (as necessary) from right side of instrument panel. Remove CPA clip, and disconnect
passenger side Yellow 2 pin connector from passenger inflator module pigtail.
4. To activate air bag system, ensure ignition switch is in LOCK position and ignition key is removed. Connect air bag module Yellow 2 pin connectors. Install CPA clips. Install AIR BAG fuse, AIR BAG 1C fuse,
or SIR fuse. Install knee bolsters, sound insulators, trim panels, glove box or glove box door (if removed).
5. Staying well away from air bag modules, turn ignition switch to RUN position. Ensure AIR BAG warning light flashes 7 times and stays off. If AIR BAG warning light does not operate as described, see SYSTEM

NOTE: When fuse is removed and ignition switch is in ON position, AIR BAG warning light will be on. This is a normal operation and does not indicate an SIR system
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