1999 Pontiac Grand Am

  • V8
  • FWD
  • 200,000 MILES
How to turn off tire pressure light on dash on a 1999 pontiac grand am. Also where is Fuel Vapor Pressure Sensor located.
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Friday, December 3rd, 2010 AT 3:48 AM

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The fuel tank pressure sensor should be located somewhere on top of the fuel tank. To reset the tire pressure light, follow the procedure below. The reset button illustrated, is in the left I/P fuse block, there should be a removable plastic trim plate on the left end of your dash.

Tire Inflation Monitoring System Reset Procedure
Whenever a tire pressure is changed, (tire rotation, tire replacement, spare tire, etc.) Perform the Reset Procedure. Whenever the battery is disconnected, perform the Reset Procedure.

Do not perform the RESET procedure without first correcting the cause of the malfunction and checking and adjusting the pressure in all 4 tires. If you press the button when the tire pressures are incorrect, the Tire Inflation Monitoring system will not work properly and may not alert the driver when a tire is low.

Set all tires to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.
Turn the ignition switch to the ON position, engine OFF.
Press the RESET button and release. The CHANGE OIL indicator will start flashing.
Press and release the RESET button again. The CHANGE OIL indicator will turn OFF and the CHECK TIRE PRESSURE (Pontiac) or LOW TIRE PRESSURE (Oldsmobile) indicator will start flashing.
While the CHECK TIRE PRESSURE (Pontiac) or LOW TIRE PRESSURE (Oldsmobile) indicator is flashing, press and hold the RESET button until the chime sounds.
The system completes the procedure by going through a relearn process while the customer drives the vehicle.

It takes 15 to 20 minutes to learn tire pressures in each of 3 speed ranges (15-40 MPH, 40-65 MPH, above 65 MPH). After about 60 minutes of driving across all speed ranges, the system will alert the driver if a tire is 12 psi different from the other 3 tires for 2-8 minutes.

Detection thresholds may be higher and detection times may be longer on rough roads, curves and at high speeds. The system is not capable of detection at speeds greater than 75 MPH.
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