Are rear axles removed like most CV axles? (.

  • 1999 MERCEDES BENZ C280
  • 167,000 MILES
Are rear axles removed like most cv axles? (Retained by spring clip). Need to replace axle seal. Thanks
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Saturday, December 29th, 2012 AT 3:06 PM

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1 Remove exhaust system as from flange connection
2 Remove exhaust system at pipe connection
3 Remove cable guide
4 Detach control rod at level control or level
5 Remove cover of fuel pump assembly
6 Remove twelve-point collared nut of rear axle shaft
NOTE: Installation: Replace twelve-point collared nut

7 Remove rear wheel
8 Push rear axle shaft out of rear axle shaft flange
CAUTION: Do not damage rubber sleeves or rotor for speed sensor

Risk of fatal accident if vehicle slips off of lifting platform
Align vehicle between the columns of the lifting platform and position the four support plates at the lifting platform support points specified by the vehicle manufacturer
9 Detach rear axle shafts (37) from connecting flange
Move rear axle shaft so that is roughly horizontal, push together and remove from connecting flange angled downwards
When slackening locking bolts ensure that screwdriver bit is inserted correctly into multi-point or hexagon profile, clean if necessary

To avoid damaging the wheel bearing, the vehicle must not be moved on its wheel with the rear axle shaft removed
Installation: Replace self-locking multi-point/hexagon socket head bolts or torx bolts and shims
Lightly oil bolts at thread and bolt head contact surface.
10 Check constant velocity joints, rubber boots and end cover for leaks and damage
If outside constant velocity joint is defective, replace complete rear axle shaft
If inner constant velocity joint is defective or if rubber boots and end covers are damaged or leaking, replace appropriate parts
Removing and installing inner constant velocity joint or rubber boots on rear axle shaft
11 Install in the reverse order
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