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I set the alarm off by mistake. Now I try to start the car it will not start. The red alarm light continues to flash. How do I reset.

Monday, November 7th, 2011 AT 1:32 AM

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Setting (Arming) Anti-Theft System
Remove ignition key from ignition switch. Close all doors, engine hood and luggage compartment door (trunk lid). Use one of the following methods to lock vehicle: Using key, lock left or right front door (all doors are locked through key-interlinked lock operation).
Lock all doors using remote keyless entry system.
With rear doors locked and one front door locked, close and lock other front door by hand (without key) using door lock switch.
After doors are locked using one of these methods, anti-theft indicator on A/C control assembly will light continuously for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, anti-theft indicator will blink once per second. When system is set, doors cannot be locked or unlocked using door lock control switch, and luggage compartment door cannot be opened with luggage compartment door opener switch.
Canceling Anti-Theft System Setting (No Alarm)
When system is set (armed), but alarm is not sounding, use one of the following methods to cancel system setting: Unlock left or right front door using key.
Unlock all doors using remote keyless entry system.
Insert key in ignition switch and turn to ON position (this is operative only when anti-theft system has not been triggered).
Using key or remote keyless entry system, unlock luggage compartment door. Anti-theft system is temporarily canceled only while luggage compartment door is open. About 2 seconds after luggage compartment door is closed, anti-theft system is reset.

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