99 Jeep grandcherokee Laredo stall when turning on, fuel gage reads gas wrong when it hits lower then quarter

  • 1999 JEEP LAREDO
  • 234,000 MILES
My jeep stalls when I try to turn it on, I can turn the key a few times and it will only stall for about a few seconds as opposed to 10 or 15 if I dont, I was driving down the road and it stopped running about a month ago, put gas and had no effect, found out it was the fuel pump and got it replaced, but about a week later after having the fuel pump replaced it started stalling when I turned it on, and a few days after it started to stall my car got just a little under a quarter of gas and it stopped running, I put gas in it and worked just fine, It even went till the light turned on without running out of gas, but I filled it up and this time half way thru my last quater it went out( marking a different spot on gas gauge from the previous time it ran out ), I put gas and it was working again, but it still stalls and I dont ever let it go anywhere under or close to a quarter of gas now, and just last night my check engine light came on and today it turned off. Can anybody tell me what the problem is and how much $$ it cost to fix?

It's also been really really bad on gas since that started, I know somebody that had a hummer and always complaid about his car using to much gas when actually I think mine has been worst since the stalling started.
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Monday, June 25th, 2012 AT 1:14 AM

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Even though you have a newer fuel pump, the pump sounds like it has failed due to you running out of fuel. It is like running an engine without oil.

Start with a fuel pressure test.

Get the code and get back to us to further help you.

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Monday, June 25th, 2012 AT 1:57 AM

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