Rear brakes

  • 1999 JAGUAR XJ8
  • V8
  • 2WD
Enter your question. How do u relace rear brake pads on 1985 xj6
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Raise car on lift and remove wheel.
Remove handbrake caliper. Refer to Brakes and Traction Control/Brakes/Parking Brake System/Parking Brake/Service and Repair.
Remove caliper. Refer to Brakes and Traction Control/Brakes/Disc Brake System/Brake Caliper/Service and Repair.
Radius Arm Mounting
Loosen upper safety strap bolt.
Remove safety wire securing radius arm mounting bolt and remove bolt.
Where To Put Punch

Remove radius arm from mount with an air hammer with a 3/8" flat punch, or equivalent. Direct punch straight in against body part of mount.
Rear Suspension

Remove rear lower shock mounting nut. Do not remove shaft at this time.
Axle Flange Nuts

Loosen inner U-joint cover clamp and slide cover away from U-joint.
Remove axle flange nuts.
NOTE : There are camber angle shims on each side of the brake disc. Be sure to collect them and put them back in the correct place.

Separate U-joint flange from brake disc and collect shims between flange and disc.
Support hub and wishbone assembly and remove lower shock mounting pin. Collect spacer and washer.
Lower wishbone assembly until it is hanging straight down from rear suspension unit.
Remove brake disc. Be sure there are no shims stuck to the back of the disc. Leave shims from behind disc on the stub axle.
NOTE : While brake disc is removed, be sure to inspect differential stub axle bearings for looseness or oil seal leaks.


Refit inner shims to stub axle, if removed.
Fit new brake disc and refit outer shims.
Lift wishbone assembly and refit lower shock mounting shaft and spacers.
Refit axle flange to stub axle and refit lock nuts. Tighten nuts to:
55 ft lbs (74.5 Nm)

Refit radius arm, safety strap, and mounting bolt. Tighten bolt to:
45 ft lbs (61 Nm)

Fit new safety wire.
Tighten outer safety strap bolt.
Refit brake caliper.
Refit handbrake caliper.
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