1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas


Robert Krehbiel

May, 28, 2011 AT 12:19 AM

I have a 1999 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas. It has 167,000
miles on it and was running great. Still does except when it spontaneously quits! It will run for give or take 2 hours and then it quits. You can put it in neutral and it starts up and it may run for 15 minutes or 2 more hours before she quits again. It takes several of these shut offs before you get a check engine light. The code is P0121.

She is a great car and I would love to be able to trust it to run until I shut her off. They do not make new throttle position sensors anymore. Any ideas?


2 Answers



May, 28, 2011 AT 12:45 AM

Check and monitor the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure tester to rule out a failing fuel pump-start here


Robert Krehbiel

May, 28, 2011 AT 1:10 AM

Thank you. I will try that and let you know

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