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March, 18, 2011 AT 10:59 PM

I have a 99 Honda Passport V6. It has a loud rattling type noise coming from the front of the engine. No loss of power, no over heating, no stearing problems, ac works fine, but the rattling is there from start up regardless if it's cold, warm, idle, or at 2000 rpm, it still has the same loud noise.
I have been told it is the timing belt and I am in the process of getting that replaced. I do not think it's the timing belt but I need to have it replaced anyway, but the noise seems to be coming more from the front and center of the engine.


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March, 19, 2011 AT 12:12 AM

Just make sure that all the idler pulleys are replaced and the tensioner as well, also have the water pump checked carefully for any signs of weeping and roughness in the bearings as well.



March, 19, 2011 AT 12:13 AM

You could try using a tube or stethoscope to isolate the noise? You can buy an auto stethoscope cheap at harbor freight.



March, 24, 2011 AT 7:50 AM

It's your lifters most likely these vehicles are pretty common for that. I had a passport that I bought when it had 120,000 on it 3 weeks after I bought it started making a ticking/rattling noise from the engine took it to my mechanic he said not to worry about it more annoying than anything. Sold the vehicle about a year ago with 310,000 on the same engine still made that same noise the day I sold it ; )



March, 24, 2011 AT 2:42 PM

Thanks everyone for the replies. I found out that it was indeed a timing belt pulley and my nephew is scheduled to replace the whole shebang today and hopefully that will be the end of my engine problems for a while.

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