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March, 27, 2012 AT 7:52 PM

I have a. 99 explorer 177000 kms Rebuilt tranmission July 2010. When driving there is a growl like it is being driven in a low gear. Just dosent seem to have to go power I had it in for an oil change and they told me the power steering needed flush and fill. Could this be the problem or does it sound like more of a trans problem again. When sitting idle the truck runs like a top and sounds great it is only when driving that it has the low growl sound. Also when driving down the road once in a while the truck will jerk like your driving a stick shift not all the time and it only happens once then it runs fine except for the noise Just looking for a little input before I take it back to the trans shop to get screwed again. Thanks Guys!


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Transmission Problem


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March, 27, 2012 AT 8:58 PM

It is nigh impossible to provide sugestions as we do not know the source of the noise. You need someone to test drive the vehicle and locate the source of the noise to understand the problem better.



March, 27, 2012 AT 9:04 PM

Why do you assume you're going to get ripped off? Mechanics have it a lot harder than doctors and you don't accuse them of ripping you off. Doctors only have to learn two models in various sizes, and they never change.

You know we can't hear the noise over a computer, but a much more common cause is a noisy front wheel bearing. The type of bearing depends on whether it's a two or four-wheel drive, which you didn't state, but if you have to be moving before you hear the noise, that rules out the power steering pump.

Two ways to identify a noisy bearing are to listen next to them with a stethoscope while running it in gear on a hoist, or to use a "Chassis Ear". That's a set of six microphones that are clipped to suspect parts, then you switch between them while listening with head phones during a test drive. Be aware that many mechanics have never heard of this tool, but all new car dealerships have them, and suspension and alignment specialists use them to locate squeaks and rattles. You might be able to find this tool at an auto parts store that rents or borrows tools.

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