1999 Dodge Intrepid



March, 22, 2011 AT 12:15 AM

My driver side car window is not working. It is stuck in closed position. It progressively got slower over the last few months. My rear windows work but are slower than they used to be. Is this a motor or regulator issue? I need to fix quickly as my inspection sticker runs out next week. Please advise.


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March, 22, 2011 AT 1:21 AM

If all of the windows are affected, start by checking the wires in the rubber boot between the driver's door hinges. If they are frayed badly enough, not enough current can get through to run the window motors fast enough. When only the driver's window is slower than the rest, the problem could be pitted switch contacts, pitted contacts in the thermal overload protector inside that motor, (bad motor), or the rubber channels could just be gummed up. If you can make the window go down at all, spray some Silicone Spray Lube in the rubber channels, then run the window up and down. Wash them with a lot of that lubricant. It will go on like water, then evaporate leaving a slippery film behind. You can get "Silicone Spray Lube" from the Chrysler dealer's parts department or a similar product from the auto parts stores. You want silicone spray, not silicone gasket sealer in a tube.

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