1999 Chevrolet Suburban



March, 10, 2011 AT 9:13 PM

When I turn my steering wheel the fluid pours out from where the linkage goes into the box. It looks like there is a seal blown or something because it's not either hose that's leaking. How can I fix it?


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March, 10, 2011 AT 9:40 PM

That seal can be replaced but first you must check for wear that allows that shaft to move sideways away from the seal. If that wear is present, a new seal won't solve the problem or the leak will come back very soon. Have a helper move the steering wheel back and forth about 1/8 turn each way about twice per second. The engine doesn't have to be running but doing so might help you to see the movement. Watch that shaft very closely in relation to the housing. You can use a dial indicator to measure the amount of sideways movement but if you can see it, you have too much. If there is no sideways movement, you'll have to remove the large nut and the pitman arm with a special puller, remove a snap ring, then you might get it to spit the seal out by running the engine and turning the steering wheel fully one way or the other and putting a little extra pressure on the wheel when you get there. Otherwise you'll have to drill up into the metal part of the seal so you can run a self-tapping screw into it to give you something to pull on. You might get it with a right angle pick too.

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