I had a wheel cylinder go out a while back on.

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I had a wheel cylinder go out a while back on rear driver side. When that happened my bearing went out on that side as well. Since then I have replaced everything. Brake pads, hardeware, wheel cylinder, and hub bearing and I still keep blowing a wheel cylinder. The wheel cylinder is pushing out, but not going back in. Of course because of that, it makes the wheel extremely hot and I'm back to where I started because it blows the cylinder again. Please help me.

Also I have a bearing going out on fron drivers side. When I went to replace it, the hub does not spin so I can get to the bolts. Someone suggested that I might have to take off the struts. I can do that, but not sure what will happen or what to do from there. Please help me.
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 AT 6:33 AM

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Don't go taking the struts apart. Those two lower bolts are the very precise camber adjustment. That's part of the alignment. If the hub won't turn, you have the transmission in "park" and the other wheel can't turn the opposite way. Either shift it to neutral or jack up the other tire off the ground.

For the wheel cylinder, place the shoes inside the drum to see if they're the right diameter. If you have the smaller diameter shoes they will have to move too far and the pistons will pop out of the wheel cylinder. That should cause a real low pedal too. Also check that the shoes are adjusted up properly. A parking brake cable that is stuck in the partially-applied position will prevent the self-adjuster from doing its thing but that usually won't cause so much misadjustment that a piston comes out.
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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 AT 8:52 AM

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