I have both an ABS light and a check engine light on

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I have a 1998 Subaru legacy GT 2.5 L AWD with ABS light on and check engine light on too. The scanner is showing me code 403 EGR valve problem, but I have looked at it and didn't see a need to be replaced, so I cleaned it up and changed the hose to it than cleaned up the codes which came back in few seconds. What else can I do to solve that problem and my scanner does NOT actually support the information for SUBARU from 1997, All the information I have about the ABS is only to 1996. I did call the Genesys and asked about it so they said to me they don't have any information either, so they can not provide it to us as to their customers. I did try to understand the code I got using my scanner using for a car build in 1996 and get code C0050 but I am not sure if that is accurate for the car build in 1998. I ahve NO IDEA either how to erase the ABS codes, the disconnecting battery doesn't work.
Any suggestions?
I'll appreciate very much
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NOTE: If ABS warning light malfunction occurs, perform appropriate test under WARNING LIGHT CIRCUIT TESTING.

1. Locate ABS diagnostic connector. See Fig. 3. Turn ignition off. Connect one diagnostic terminal to terminal No. 6 of DLC. Turn ignition on. Determine Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) by counting number of
times ABS warning light flashes. Up to 3 codes can be stored at a time, with the most recent code displayed first.

Fig. 3: Locating Data Link Connector (DLC)

2. ABS warning light first flashes DTC 11, which is the start code. DTCs will then be flashed. After codes are flashed, DTC 11 will again be displayed and codes repeated. If there is no DTCs in memory, only DTC
11 will exist. See ABS DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE (DTC) TEST table. Perform appropriate test under DIAGNOSTIC TESTS.


After DTCs are recorded, disconnect and connect diagnostic terminal wire to terminal No. 6 of ABS diagnostic connector, 3 times in 12 seconds. After clearing DTCs, only DTC 11 should be present.
The abs connecter is located to the right of steering column and above the gas pedal. The diagnostic terminal is taped to the wire harness at the connecter.

The connector is a small (The picture makes it look large) black 6 pin. Ground terminal 6 with the ignition off, then turn it on. |ABS light will flash codes, starting with "11 ".
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