1998 Saturn SW2



October, 4, 2011 AT 1:17 PM

I reciently jumped a curb and cracked the bottom (most forward)of my automatic transmision case. I have successfully stoped the leak using JB weld. The issue is, when I have the car in any foward gear; drive, 3rd, and 2nd. It runs/drives very rough. It shifts gears normally and my car runs fine in reverse. I believe I put the wrong transmission fluid in it. My reseach says I should have used Dexron III (replaced IIE), I put in 3.5 quarts of Dexron VI in it. I have also crushed in the bottom of my flex pipe on the exhaust(not sure how detromental that is). I dont know if I have damaged the transmission internally or if my flex pipe is the issue or wrong fluid type. I would like to note; sometimes when I check the fluid level, it reads none on the dipstick, then a few minutes later, its good. Thank you.


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October, 4, 2011 AT 1:27 PM

Crushed exhaust is a problem. Try breathing with someone closing off half your throat. It is similiar.
The jb weld is temporary fix at best and is not a permanent fix.
As far as being rough, it would have to be determined by a shop to see just how much damage you did.

Do you have collision insurance on your car? This would be covered if you did have it.




October, 4, 2011 AT 5:10 PM

I agree with roy fixed that crushed down pipe and go from there and see what happens. Also you put the dextron VI in the transmission and thats a synthetic blend.I have seen synthetic fluid damge the transmissions clutches on those transmissions.I would get all the fluid out change the filter etc I recommend the multi vechile castrol fluid that replaces the dex 3 fluid I have used it in all my saturns familly and friends saturns and it works great. The fluid to use is the saturn fluid but thats harder to get these days.

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