Oil Dipstick troubles

  • 1998 PEUGEOT 306
  • 111,000 MILES
Peugeot 306 LX DT 1998 - Have I messed up an oil change?

So I was changing the oil on my car, everything was going as expected, removed the sump, oil came out (though not as much as I expected), changed the filter, added some new oil, checked the dip stick - it was completely clear and only showed new oil. Waited some, added some more, checked the dipstick. Did this a few times. I've added 3.5l of oil (most things I've read say it's 4.5 to max). It still wasn't showing anything on the dipstick, so I ran the engine for about 2 minutes. Upon checking the dipstick again, the oil is showing like an INCH above the max line, with black oil.


So I though maybe the sump didn't drain completely as the car wasn't on completely level ground (but the sump was lowest point), so I stuck my head underneath the bonnet and to my horror, have noticed another sump plug.

Checking my Haynes this plug is the one that's closest to the oil filter, and I'm pretty sure is the one that I should have used. I removed a plug from molded engine looking place closer to the passenger side of the car.

My question is, which oil have I removed! And why did the dipstick show clear/no oil before I ran the car!

Now i'm feeling really stupid, have I broke my car from doing an oil change!

Thanks in advance.
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Friday, November 18th, 2011 AT 6:56 PM

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We have no info on this vehicle. But just change teh oil an dput new stuff in you haven' hurt the motor. Pull both sump lplugs or which ever one you are talking about.
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Saturday, November 19th, 2011 AT 12:28 AM

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