I need a diagram on how to remove the timing.

  • 1998 MAZDA B2500
  • 143 MILES
I need a diagram on how to remove the timing belt cover
Sunday, January 13th, 2013 AT 7:03 PM

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1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove exhaust side spark plugs. Rotate crankshaft clockwise so No. 1 piston is at TDC of compression stroke.
2. Remove fan shroud. Loosen fan clutch to pulley bolts. Remove accessory drive belt. Remove fan clutch and pulley. Remove crankshaft center bolt, and remove crankshaft pulley.
3. Using recycling equipment, recover refrigerant from air conditioning system (if equipped). Disconnect A/C clutch connector from A/C clutch. Remove A/C compressor from mounting bracket. Remove A/C
compressor mounting bracket with hoses attached, and position out of way.
4. Remove timing belt outer cover retaining bolt. Release 7 cover interlocking tabs. Remove timing belt cover. Ensure crankshaft and camshaft timing marks are aligned. See Fig. 1.
5. Holding timing belt tensioner with Camshaft Belt Tension Adjuster (T74P 6254 A) or equivalent, loosen adjusting bolt and slowly release tension. See Fig. 2. Pry tensioner away from timing belt, and tighten bolt
to hold tensioner in place.
6. If reusing old timing belt, mark belt with arrow to indicate direction of rotation. Remove timing belt.

Note this is for a 2.5L engine
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Sunday, January 13th, 2013 AT 7:11 PM

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