1998 Lincoln Navigator



March, 19, 2013 AT 3:27 PM

Dome lights will not go off. Running board and vanity lights work properly but all other interior lights stay on constantly. GEM was black and melted so I replaced it but still lights are on. Scan showed 15 codes but mechanic said he thought those were from the burnt module so in the end he said the running boards, 4x4, and wipers showed a short but they work correctly. The acc delay he said was contradicting itself (?) The battery dies within 10 min and the lights start flashing and the battery saver relay clicks (have replaced this and interior light relay) The fuse #14 also makes the relay click when putting it in. Mechanic also stated the battery should not drain that fast but no reason why (it is a new battery and I have taken it to WalMart to be tested and it was good) While trying to wiggle wires we noticed the lights will go off when the brake is bumped but haven't seen any bad wires yet.
Side note: there is no door ajar light on or codes for this when scanned, There were also no codes showing regarding the interior lights.


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March, 19, 2013 AT 7:32 PM

This is a tough one especially not able to see this. Have you rchecked interior lamp relay for being shorted, etc. Teh dome lamps hoook into the trip odometer module so that can be the cause as well it's I n the mini console above. If the gem module was burnt i'd look for more burnt wires, and maybe bad door switches. Can't think of much else.



March, 25, 2013 AT 1:39 AM

Just thought I would share the problem ended up being the dome light button had broke and the wires fell off and were touching.

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