1998 Jeep CJ3



July, 30, 2011 AT 5:27 PM

I have a clunking sound coming from the front passenger tire area only when going forward, up or down driveways or similar. Usually tires are turned to right or left to enter or exit street area. The noise always comes from the same area & doesn't happen every time. There is no clunking or noise while I drive. Couple times the clunk was very loud so I checked the area but couldn't see anything? I wouldn't know if any thing was missing. Lugnuts are there. I always notice the sound when it happens. There is no tightening of the tires or steering wheel. No shaking, vibrating & no noises from any where else. Only the clunk sound from front passenger area. Tranmission is not slipping & the aliegnment is fine. No warning lights, nothing leaking no funny smells. Seems to clunk less if I go a bit slower? I don't know if it's suspension, ball joint, sway bar, boot or bolts? I appreciate your assistance in advance. Thank you


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July, 30, 2011 AT 5:42 PM

Have your front suspension checked out by a pro. You could have a bad u-joint in teh axle or a ball joint, any type of suspension problem. A pro can tell you fairly quick. You cold also have a worn bushing

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