Whats wrong with my car? Please help?


Okay so everything on this car 98 ford mustang base 3.8 V6 works except the horn, headlights/high/low beam, and the washer wipers. However I have installed an aftermarket key lock ignition cylinder and haven't had a lock smith come program the new keys. Is there something connecting the 3 like an anti theft device or something all fuses, grounds, and connections are good and correct. Dimmer switch on dash for running lights work on first click second click no headlights turn to click and interior light come on. High low flash to pass on column. Turn signals work, but no high/low hazards work also. Me and the car guys that I know are all stumped I think maybe an anti theft or the clock spring or some ignition switch or relay but I dont know whitch one or where to start. Please help

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 AT 4:26 AM

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Wiper is powered by Fuse # 2 in underc=dash fuse box via ignition switch. Test the fuse for battery voltage at both ends.

Horn fuse is under hood.

Headlights problem seems to be a fault with the switch. You seem to have more than one problem are not likely to linked.

Some testings of the circuit is required and you would need a testlight or DVOM.

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Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 AT 8:35 AM

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