1997 Toyota Rav4



January, 15, 2013 AT 2:41 PM

New oil pump trickling oil.
i ordered a new oil pump and installed it following instructions. I primed it by immersing it in clean oil ( according to direction). I wiped it and installed it. The 2nd day, I could see oil seeping between oil pump and the housing. Between housing and cylinder block, it was fine. I went back to the parts store: they will get me another oil pump. My question is: do the two bolts securing the pump itself to the housing need to be tighten? I didn't touch those two bolts because they came already installed and I didn't want to disturb anything. One guy that I spoke said not to touch them. I, however, tighten the 12 bolts of housing to block to specs. It occured to me that what if those 2 bolts were loose slightly? Or do you think the part itself was to blame ( defect)?

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January, 20, 2013 AT 1:43 AM

I fixya!

Conclusion: the leaking new oil pump was defective or not of good quality. The cardboard box this pump came in said "Federal Mogul", and "made in usa". And it was pricey compared to pumps available by other manufacturers.

The parts store that sold me this "problem oil pump", was nice enough to replace this bad pump with another pump made specifically for Toyota. And I also received some money back.
I installed the toyota oil pump, and thus far it is working great!

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