I have a 1997 Saturn scs DOHC an I want to know what all do I got to do to change it over to a SOHC

  • 1997 SATURN SC2
  • 166,390 MILES

I want to take my engine out an put a sohc in and want to know everything I got to do to change my dohc engine over to a sohc engine meaning takeing the dohc engine out an puttin a sohc engine in

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 AT 8:15 PM

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Thats a big down grade putting in the single cam engine you will lose 24 horse power. To change it over to the single cam I would say you would have to change the underhood fuse box engine harness pcm spark plug wires and you will need a transmission from a single cam engine car. The single cam and dohc engines use different gear ratios in the transmissions. If you leave the dohc transmission in it will set transmission codes and the transmission will never work correctly. Your best bet is to just find a dohc engine. You will need a 1995-1998 dohc engine from a saturn.

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 AT 9:46 PM

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