1997 Saturn SC2



November, 4, 2012 AT 3:26 PM

Replied on November 04, 2012
I am working on a 1997 sc2 with the exact same problem that tall Dave was having in 2010, sometimes engine won't turn over replaced starter replaced clutch safety switch checked and cleaned battery cables fairly new battery noticed that when car would not turn over dome light would blink for about 30 to maybe 60 seconds, then would go back to normal everything has failed so far to fix this problem if it's the security system how do I reset or fix it. Also happens when it's hot or when it's cold. You showed a wiring diagram of yellow wire and purple wire from the clutch switch and to check when car is not starting but if it is the problem where to go from there. Please help me out with some knowledge.

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November, 4, 2012 AT 4:44 PM

Does the head light left on and opening the drivers door without the key in the cylinder work when no start?When it wont start try unplugging the chime module and plugging it back in. Also when it wont start and the clutch switch is pushed in and you have power to the yellow wire into the clutch but not to the purple wire out of it bad. Clutch switch.

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