I have a Code 12 & 43 when I do the turn.

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I have a Code 12 & 43 when I do the turn key and service engine light blinks.
The service engine light is now off after I had the guy at orielly's do his scan
it showed a miss fire.
Do I need a Coil? 2-3 people have told me to replace the coil.
Thank you for any and all Help.
Allen Calender, Berkley Mich.

Saturday, February 16th, 2013 AT 5:37 PM

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'96 and newer vehicles use three-digit fault codes. The '95 and older with two-digit codes don't detect engine misfires.

Fault codes never say to replace parts. They only indicate the circuit or system that needs further diagnosis. You didn't say which engine you have but it's doubtful the ignition coil would be the cause of a misfire on any of them. The 3.0L uses a single coil so all cylinders would misfire. The 2.4L and the 3.3 / 3.8L use coil packs. Each coil fires two cylinders at the same time so a bad coil would cause two misfire codes. Instead I'd suspect spark plugs and wires as a more likely cause of the misfires.

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Saturday, February 16th, 2013 AT 6:01 PM

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