1997 Opel Kadett



February, 13, 2012 AT 6:34 PM

Hi I have an opel 200is kadett, my only issue is that I have is that I have a leak coming from my power steering pump, when I drive it doesn't leak so much but as soon as I stop or park my fluid would run down quick then I have to top up again continuously

my power steering pump that sits by my fire wall, leaks continuously if I park or stop, the leak comes from underneath some kind of rubber seal on the right hand side, but it somehow doesn't leak if I were to be driving around, only when the cars parked, then it runs half empty and got to be topped up again, its happening everyday, when I idle her in the morning then it makes a weird noise and becomes stiff at the steering,

please give me some knowledge to how I could get it sorted out : -)

great site : -)


2 Answers



February, 13, 2012 AT 7:16 PM

And anather thing I would like to know is, I got a new motor just droped in its a bit modified built with high compression, bigger valves and bigger pistons, we tryd to start it up, swings strong theres fuel theres spark but doesnt seem to start, my mechanic said that his geting the auto electrician out again maybe it could have been a mistake on his side, but he checked he said that it should start but still no progress, what do you think could be the cause of not starting up?



February, 13, 2012 AT 8:28 PM

Dont sound like a pressure leak since only happens when stopped. I had a similar problem and I replaced seal and all was well. Was not on your particular model though so cant go into details.

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