1997 Nissan Pathfinder



October, 16, 2012 AT 1:07 PM

Engine knocking my no.2 piston connecting rod bearing was all shredded up.I polished the crank shaft
journal/cap/big ends and tried replacing the bearing with a new one. As I torqued down the cap it still had play on it. Do I need a thicker or over size bearing?My engine is still on the vehicle, im working from underneath the car. Any suggestions?This is my first time doing this.

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October, 16, 2012 AT 1:34 PM

You will first have to have the crankshaft measured. It will probalby need to be turned down by a professional or you can get a crank kit which is a crankshaft an dbearings. If the bearing is torn up wyou will have to either have to get the rod resized or you wll need a new one. Otherwise anything you try to do to fix it like that wll all be for naught and will fail quickly.

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