I need to ask somthing?Yesterday I ask question.

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I need to ask somthing?Yesterday I ask question but no one Answer me why that plz somone Answer me
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, February 25th, 2013 AT 7:57 PM

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1. You didn't ask a question so you can't expect an answer. All I know is you have a '97 Lancer.
2. If the question you asked previously had to do with an engine problem, did you bother to list the engine size? We are so tired of having to guess that most of us just ignore questions with no information or details.
3. When you type "plz" instead of "please", it shows you don't have the time to put the effort into the question and you probably won't even respond when one of us does reply. Most of us don't do texting, (we aren't children), and we don't have the time to figure out abbreviations.
4. Please proofread what you type and BE SURE to use punctuation. If you're too lazy to include a period or comma now and then, I'm too lazy to try to figure out which of the multiple ways you meant me to interpret it.
5. If your question was related to "doesn't start", you have to understand that is as informative as "I'm in pain". Both can mean a lot of different things. We are used to people getting angry with us when we have to ask what the symptom is so we don't even bother to respond now. We really aren't psychic.
6. If you do get a reply and your response is "I already did that", why didn't you include that right away? Why make us guess or repeat steps you've done already. That information is not top secret.
7. We don't know the cost of parts and the labor rates in your area so if you want an estimate for the needed repairs, visit a repair shop or body shop. That's part of what they do.
8. Just in the last week there have been the following posted:

A: belt
B: why is my engine leaking coolant?
C: my left rear tire is tipped in on top. Which part do I need to replace?
D: can I replace the heater core myself?
E: My mechanic says I need a tie rod end and an alignment. Can I take him to court for trying to sell me an alignment? My car doesn't pull to either side.
F: I asked my mechanic to replace the thermostat. My car is still overheating. What recourse do I have?

How would YOU answer those?

When you take your car to a mechanic, he will listen to your voice inflection and watch your facial expressions, just like you do. He will also listen to every subtle sound your car is making and he will look for visual clues to the source of your concern. We don't have that luxury. We rely on you to provide those observations. We also understand that you may just provide the basics as a way to get the conversation started, so please keep on replying back with answers to our questions or the results of what we asked you to do or look at. At any given time I'm involved in ongoing conversations with a half dozen people over the course of a week or more. Please don't be angry if we don't just throw a dart at the board and hit the right answer on the first reply. Simple problems, (to us), get simple replies since that's all that's needed. Some of us specialize in the hard-to-diagnose problems. We are often a last resort when car owners don't have any more options or don't know how to proceed.

You are welcome to repost your question here but chances are I won't know the answer unless it's related to one of my specialty areas. If that's the case, you should post a new question so all the experts have a chance to read it and reply. Once I post this reply, your post will go off the list and no one else will see it. That does you a disservice. Also be sure to post your replies to the same thread. Don't start a new post because that starts a whole new conversation and the person who answered originally won't see it or have the ability to carry on that conversation.
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Monday, February 25th, 2013 AT 9:52 PM

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