1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee



February, 28, 2011 AT 5:30 AM

When I try and start up my jeep the engine stutters n takes a while to start. What does this mean? And my check engine light come on and off when it wants to.


1 Answer



February, 28, 2011 AT 7:58 AM

Once the Check Engine light has turned on there will be a diagnostic fault code stored in the Engine Computer. Most auto parts stores will read those codes for you for free. They will get you to the circuit or system with the problem, not necessarily the defective part.

It's important to not disconnect the battery or let it run dead because that will erase the codes and that valuable information will be lost. Have the codes read as soon as possible. If the intermittent problem does not act up within 50 engine starts, the code will erase by itself.

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