MY E 350 HAS P1443 AND PO411

1997 Ford E-Series Van


john b

September, 7, 2011 AT 2:52 AM

Hi there, I have a e350, 7.5 engine. The codes P1443 and PO411 keep coming up. I have looked over all the valves and hoses, repaired a air leak in the head / exhaust manifold. I checked the air pump. Every thing looks good. I unhook the neg, then take a ride for 20+ miles then the engine light comes on. After I take it for a run, when the engine is hot. I hear a huming noise coming from the left front (facing the engine) a loud huming. When the engine is cool no such noise. What can I check next, need help Robert

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September, 7, 2011 AT 3:37 AM

As far as the PO1443, that is an EVAP leak. You will most likely need to fog the system to see where that leak is coming from. They are very hard to find by just looking. The PO411 is telling me there is a problem with the secondary air pump. Check that. It could be where your noise is coming from.

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