1997 Cadillac STS



November, 12, 2012 AT 10:50 PM

Hi Guys,
My daughter was driving the car when the interior lights and headlights turned off. When she got home she freaked out when the power door locks and windows wouldn't work (but the power seats do work). The headlamps will only work if I pull switch out (to the manual position). The car starts and runs fine and the dashboard lights and gauges work except for gas gauge. The ac/heat panel briefly lights up when car starts but then goes dark and I cannot operate any fan. The fuel door and trunk buttons do not work nor do the key remotes. I can't believe the things that don't work are so different from those that do work. It doesn't make sense. I checked all fuses and none are blown. I bought this car as our family's second car last year and only paid $3000.00. I love this car. Everything (until know) worked, even all the little courtesy lights, buttons, etc. The car runs smooth and feels like a new car to me (even the leather seats do not even have any rips or tears). Is there some type of relay that might be blown? My concern is having to spend money I can't afford, especially on a vehicle that didn't cost (or is worth) that much money. Basically, is this something that, if repairable, shouldn't end up costing me that much? Thank you for your help and for this website. It's nice to see someone helping others without an expectation of reward (hopefully everyone who benefits from your generosity will do the same to others if they can).

Rich B.
Elk Grove Village, IL

PS I tried to clear all the error codes via the DIC but the following codes are still displayed:

PCM p1603 history
P1605 current
P1610 current
IPC B1552 history
U1255 current
SDM B1163 history
U1096 history
TCS C1255 history
RSS C1737 history
C1738 current
C1760 history
C1761 history
C1783 history
C1785 history
No PZM data
IRC B1740 history
U1255 current
No RFA data
CCP U1255 current
MSM B2107 history
B2119 history
B2120 current
B0856 history
B1982 history
B1983 history
B1656 history
U1255 history
U1300 history
U1096 history
U1169 history
U1064 history
MMM U1016 history
U1096 history
B2148 history
B2150 current

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November, 13, 2012 AT 12:17 AM

Sounds like the bcm. It controls all body functions. Get a shop with a scan tool to monitor the bacm but from your description, I believe it is failing




November, 13, 2012 AT 10:26 PM

Thank you! I will have the service shop specifically test the bacm.



November, 14, 2012 AT 2:05 AM

This CPU will stop on PCM?Use the low button for no and the high button for yes. Push the low button until you see Clear PCM codes. Then push the high button for yes. It will say PCM codes are cleared. Go through all the CPUs in the same way. Is this the way your clearing the codes?

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