I have a 97 Cadillac Concours what size lift.

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I have a 97 cadillac concours what size lift kit do I need to fit 22 inch rims on it
Monday, October 22nd, 2012 AT 2:08 AM

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We don't get involved with that ridiculous nonsense here. As an experienced suspension and alignment mechanic I can share that no one who understands those systems would ever think about modifying the ride height on any vehicle. Besides looking stupid, lawyers and insurance investigators love to find those kinds of modifications. They WILL convince a jury that you were partly at fault for the crash when the other guy ran the red light because you were less able to avoid the crash. The wars between the manufacturers are so competitive that if they could improve the handling, braking, or ride quality, you can sure they would have done it. That means you got the best you can get already, and any modification is going to degrade one or all of those characteristics. You have enough strikes against you already just owning a GM product. There's no need to invite more trouble.

When I align a customer's car I need to get very picky about ride height. I have to measure it in the right places, and correct it if it's even an inch low. The alignment numbers are only relevant to a car standing still on the hoist. Once the suspension goes up and down on the road, the wheels go through the wrong arcs resulting in increased tire wear and reduced handling and braking because one side of the tires will always be lifting off the road. You'll be changing "steering axis inclination, (SAI), in a major way. That's a lesser-know alignment angle that has a huge affect on handling and on steering response under hard braking. Don't think lawyers don't know about SAI.
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Monday, October 22nd, 2012 AT 3:26 AM

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