1997 Acura EL



March, 16, 2013 AT 5:25 AM

My car has been acting up recently. At first my security light came on and my car wouldnt start, my headlights would flash on and off. THEN I had alternator/charging issues as my battery was completely drained.

Now, after charging the car with my Lexus IS250 for 30 minutes, it has enough juice to turn the engine, engine runs and sounds healthy, but the only problem is that I cant switch my gears at all. And when I turn the ignition completely it makes this loud screeching sound, metal to metal, and a symbol appears on my dashboard, I think it may be brakes symbol (O).I checked all my fluids everything is complete. Im not sure but closer to the front left side of my car there is a white box with green slimely like fluid, not sure if that is where transmission fluid is suppose to go but it looks half empty. And on the right front side of my car there is a blue cap with a long tube attached that looks completely empty.

After research I was told it might just be tranny fluid and the weather. But my cars been in underground parking storage.

Please help me diagnose this car so I can figure out what parts to get and who to call with the issue. Save myself money and the mechanic time.


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March, 16, 2013 AT 5:39 AM

The white box with the green slimly like fluid is for the radiator, this is the radiator reservoir, When your vehicle reaches operating temperature the coolant expands and goes into the reservoir, When the vehicle cools down or parked overnight the coolant is drawn back into the radiator. This reservoir is an important component to the vehicle cooling system. There is a level that state fill cold and another level that state filled hot, As for the blue cap with a long tube that is for you windshield washer fluid, That should be filled with windshield washer fluid or water, , As for that screeching sounds like a drive belt.



May, 15, 2013 AT 7:29 AM

Any update on this?

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