I have a 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE

  • 185 MILES
I have a 1996 nissan maxima gle. I was told that I need tk replace a timing belt on the car after getting it. Anyone can help with the process and cost for this type of repair? Thanks.
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500-600 for the repair.

Drain engine oil.
Release fuel pressure.
Drain coolant by removing cylinder block drain plugs and radiator drain cock.


Do not spill engine coolant on drive belts.

Remove left side ornament cover.
Remove air duct to intake manifold, collector, blow-by hose, vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, wires, harness and connectors.

Remove the following:

Vacuum hoses
Water hoses
EVAP canister purge hose
Blow-by hose

Remove RH and LH ignition coils.

Remove EGR guide tube.

Remove intake manifold collector supports and intake manifold collector (RH cylinder head only).

Remove fuel tube assembly.

NOTE: Do not disassemble fuel tube assembly.

Remove intake manifold in reverse order of installation.

Remove RH and LH rocker covers from cylinder head.
Remove engine undercover.
Remove front RH wheel and engine side cover.
Remove drive belts and idler pulley bracket.

Remove power steering oil pump belt and power steering oil pump assembly.

Remove Camshaft Position Sensor (PHASE) and Crankshaft Position Sensors (REF)/(POS).

Set No. 1 piston at TDC on the compression-stroke by rotating crankshaft.

Loosen crankshaft pulley bolt and remove oil pan rear cover plate and attach a suitable tool to the ring gear so that the crankshaft cannot rotate.

NOTE: Be careful not to damage the signal plate teeth.

Remove crankshaft pulley with a suitable puller.

Remove air compressor and bracket.
Remove front exhaust tube and its support.
Hang engine at right and left side engine slingers with a suitable hoist.
Remove right side engine mounting, mounting bracket and nuts.
Remove center member assembly.
Remove upper and lower oil pan.

Remove water pump cover.

Remove front timing chain case bolts. Loosen bolts in numerical order as shown in the figure.

Remove front timing chain case.

NOTE: Do not scratch sealing surfaces.

Remove internal timing chain guide.
Remove upper chain guide.
Remove timing chain tensioner and slack side chain guide.

Remove RH & LH camshaft sprocket 1ST bolts.
Remove camshaft sprockets 1ST on both sides, crankshaft sprocket and timing chain and apply paint to timing chain and camshaft sprockets 1ST for alignment during installation.


After removing timing chain, do not turn crankshaft and camshaft separately, or valves will strike piston heads.

Attach a suitable stopper pin to RH and LH camshaft chain tensioners.

Remove exhaust camshaft sprocket 2ND bolts on both sides. Apply paint to timing chain and camshaft sprockets 2ND for alignment during installation.

Remove exhaust camshaft sprockets 2ND, intake camshaft sprockets 2ND and camshaft chains on both sides.

Remove lower chain guide.

Use a scraper to remove all traces of liquid gasket from front timing chain case. Also, remove old liquid gasket from the bolt hole and thread.
Use a scraper to remove all traces of liquid gasket from water pump cover.
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