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How to change timming chain on the car 1996 infiniti i30

Friday, November 16th, 2012 AT 3:21 PM

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If one or both cylinder heads are installed and timing chain is disconnected, DO NOT rotate camshaft or crankshaft.


1. Drain engine oil. Release fuel system pressure. Remove engine lower covers. Remove right front wheel and engine side cover. Drain coolant from radiator and cylinder block. Remove left cover.

2. Remove intake air duct and crankcase ventilation tube. Label and disconnect all electrical connectors, hoses and cables affecting cylinder head removal. Remove EGR tube. Remove left and right ignition coils.

3. Remove intake manifold collector supports. Remove intake manifold collector bolts, starting with outside bolts and working inward. Remove intake manifold collector. Remove fuel injector rail with injectors.

4. Remove intake manifold bolts, starting with outside bolts and working inward. Remove intake manifold. Remove accessory drive belts. Remove A/C compressor (if equipped), leaving hoses attached. Remove alternator. Remove A/C compressor and alternator bracket.

5. Remove valve covers. Remove idler pulley bracket. Remove power steering oil pump assembly. Remove camshaft position sensor and both crankshaft position sensors. Set cylinder No. 1 at TDC of compression stroke. Ensure timing mark on crankshaft pulley aligns with pointer on front cover.

6. Remove crankshaft pulley bolt. Remove crankshaft pulley with a puller. Remove air compressor and bracket. Remove front exhaust tube and bracket. Support engine with hoist and remove right engine mount and bracket. Remove center member assembly.

7. Remove oil pan. Remove water pump cover. Remove timing chain case bolts in reverse tightening sequence. See Fig. 18. Remove timing
chain case using (2) notches located at upper case-to-cylinder head contact surface.

8. Remove internal timing chain guide and upper timing chain guide. Remove timing chain tensioner and slack side chain guide. Remove outer camshaft sprocket, crankshaft sprocket and timing chain. Install stopper shaft in automatic tensioners. See Fig. 13. While holding camshaft, remove inner camshaft sprocket bolts. See Fig. 14. Remove inner camshaft sprocket and chain.


1. Install crankshaft sprocket with mating mark facing front of engine. Install right idler sprocket. Install lower chain guide on dowel pin with front mark on guide facing up.

2. Install inner camshaft sprockets and chains with timing marks aligned. See Fig. 15. Ensure intake and exhaust sprocket are on correct camshaft. See Fig. 16.

3. Remove stopper shaft from camshaft tensioners. Install outer camshaft sprockets. Install timing chain with match marks properly aligned. See Fig. 17. Install internal timing chain guide and upper timing chain guide. Install timing chain tensioner and slack side chain guide.

4. Apply a bead of liquid gasket to timing case sealing surfaces. Install rear case pin into dowel pin hole on front timing case. Tighten bolts in specified sequence. See Fig. 18. Apply a bead of liquid gasket to water pump cover sealing surfaces.

5. Install water pump. Tighten fuel injector rail in sequence. See Fig. 19. Apply a bead of liquid gasket to valve cover sealing surfaces. Install valve covers. Tighten nuts in sequence to specification. See Fig. 20.

6. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. Install NEW injector "O" rings. Fill and bleed cooling system.

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