1995 Toyota Tacoma



January, 28, 2013 AT 12:27 AM

If the Main Cam (the one that the timing chain turns) is at TDC (mark vertical), does the Distributor Cam (the one that drives the distributor) have the Distributor Gear Pin at 90' (horizontal) so I put the cams in the correct timing changing my Head Gasket? Do you know of a picture of the Cam Set-Up anywhere too? I don't want to bend a valve. Thank you!


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January, 28, 2013 AT 12:44 AM

Mitchell 1 shows this to be a V6 engine for the year and model you mention, your head in the pic is a 4, what engine is fitted? With the 4, align the crank with the timing mark on the pump cover notch, driven cam has timing mark at front face and second cam has align mark with driven cam on back face of gears, you should have the gear loader, (the split gear pinned with a 10mm bolt, ) this should have been done on removal, so take care as you can damage the teeth trying to re align the bolt hole as it is under some tension, give me the engine code and I will see if I can send correct engine pics.



January, 28, 2013 AT 1:23 AM

Yes, I have the 2.4L 4Cyl engine and I know about the TDC mark on the driven Cam (Main) but I am unable to find any kind of mark on the second cam. The Cam Lobs seem to be mirror images of each other, and it would be simple enough to align them using the Cam Lob position, but the only real alignment "mark" I have been able to find is the pin for the distributor gear. When I removed the distributor gear, it was at 90' degrees (horizontal) to the Driven Cam (Main) TDC mark on the driven (Main) Cam, so I know I'm close, I just am not exactly sure if the Cam Lobs need to be exactly "mirror" images of each other, or if they are slightly out of "mirror" so I'm stumped. Does this help at all, or do you need more information? Thank you so much for your help, I'm kicking myself for not marking them before removal, a neighbor came by and was yakkin at me and I forgot, but put the cam right back and marked where I thought it was supposed to be, but I want to make absolutely sure for when I get the head back on Monday so I don't bend a valve. Can't Thank you enough for your help! AL



January, 28, 2013 AT 1:36 AM

OK, I did find the marks (finally) on the actual teeth of the cams, so that's ok, but I'm noticing that my mark on the timing chain has flaked off (dang marker)! I have been keeping tension on the cain, and hopefully, I'll get it back to the right tooth, but at least for the cams, I found the marks that u mentioned, thank you so much! Now I just have to hope I get the chain aligned right! LOL! Can't thank you enough for your help! And the mark I made on the front DID actually line up with the marks on the back of the teeth, so I did have it right, I just always want to be absolutely sure when I'm dealing with anything dealing with the timing! Any advice for aligning the chain when you're mark has come off? Let me know if you have any advice. AL



January, 28, 2013 AT 2:17 PM

Did you have a service bolt in the exhaust cam?


Check out above post, the procedures are similar.

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