How to bleed cooling system

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How do you get air out of the cooling system?
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MarkVIII radiators do not have a cap. Park car on ramps or hill (raising front end) to ensure complete "bleed" I know it as "burping". Some have engine off, I prefer it on allowing me to rev up to 2,000 after I fill the system to burp it. Remove the engine coolant tube fill plug on the engine (on U joint right in front center, looks to be flush but there is a little lip there, DON'T STRIP IT, if it has never been opened use some PB Blaster or release spray) and remove the reservoir cap, Fill at the tube fill plug until res. Fills up, put cap on reservoir and continue to fill at the tube fill plug slowly. Do normal a/c heat test while monitoring the temp.

Bleeding the Cooling System

Allow the engine to cool down to ambient temperature.

Open the radiator cap.

Turn the engine on and turn the heat to max. Turning the heat to max allows the radiator fluid to circulate through the cooling system to ensure that all air pockets are eliminated from the system.

Rev the engine to 2,000 RPMs and hold for approximately 10 to 15 seconds and repeat two to three times. This will allow the radiator fluid to circulate throughout the whole system and ensure that all air pockets exit the radiator.

Gently squeeze the upper radiator hose approximately 6 to 12 inches from the radiator cap. Squeeze about five times. This will bring more air pockets up and out of the radiator and will ensure that the engine does not overheat.
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