I approach a stop, the oil pressure light comes on?

  • 1995 GEO TRACKER
  • 114,000 MILES

The oil in my 1995 Geo tracker is full. But? If it's the pressure sensor, where is it and how do I tell if it's bad?

The car has been running rough since this problem has begun. About 6 months now. I tried changing the oil and filter. I don't drive very far with it, about 1 mile a day. When I first start the car it runs really rough. Warms up a little, runs better.

But if I get it up to 50 mph, and the engine really warms up, when I come to a stop the oil light comes on and it sounds like it's going to stall. If I give it just enough gas to bring the pressure up, the light goes off and it runs better. I don't have a lot of cash, so I'm trying to do my best to figure this out myself.

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Thursday, March 1st, 2012 AT 12:22 AM

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Check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge to rule the oil pressure switch, oil pump and engine bearings

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Thursday, March 1st, 2012 AT 12:25 AM

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