1995 Dodge Caravan



January, 17, 2011 AT 5:12 AM

95 Dodge Caravan 3.3 L
How would you proceed if you had to replace the accessory belt tensioner for the serpentine belt?
I cannot find a way to reach the nut from the top of engine. Note: See picture attached for a proper example of the part in question. It has a stud sticking out from the spring housing. So, I am assuming there must be a nut to loosen up behind the plate that holds the tensioner. I can see it but cannot wrench it due to lack of space. The plate I mentioned seems to hold the alternator lower bolt and possibly water pump (not sure about that).
To make things worse, The stud actually snaped off while releasing tension to the tensioner. But I have same model and year car in my yard where I can get parts from.
So, I need to know how to remove the tensioner and I need to know if I can remove the stud and nut left behind the mounting plate on the car I am actually driving (the stud has broken flush with the mounting plate).
Thanks for your help.


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January, 17, 2011 AT 3:41 PM

You have to reach that 15mm nut from underneath and behind the cross member. It's actually pretty easy once you become familiar with it. You'll also find it easier if you have two different box wrenches from two different companies. I used a Craftsman and a Snapon because the points are at slightly different rotations. Use one to loosen the nut a little, then use the other one to turn it a little more. Keep switching wrenches. It won't take very long before you can turn the nut with your fingers.

I can reach that nut from the top on my Dynastys, but there isn't enough room between the alternator and firewall to reach down there on a Caravan.




January, 18, 2011 AT 3:04 PM

Ok Thanks caradioloc for your excellent input.
Just the type of guidance I needed.

Note: This model is Compressed Natural Gas. It is slightly different on top of engine. The maker had installed CNG related components right next to the serpentine belt access. Not a good design. Painful to put the belt on with this extra equipment in the way.

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