1995 Buick Century



August, 26, 2012 AT 1:08 AM

Ok, the no power could be a blown fuse as the fuse for the cigar lighter may be that issue.

The idle air control may definitely may be bad from the voltage surge from the wrong jumping.

Was this harness from an exact car? Did you replace the ecm with a new one? Did you jump the connector to flash out any codes?




August, 26, 2012 AT 1:34 AM

Msg to Roy. Thx u roy, so far, there is no blown fuse, cigar lighter has power, question, does this paticular vehicle 12 pin DLC have to have a power wire in order to use a scanner to read the codes? Terminals A and B, there is no wires, just on the left side, 1st 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom left? I cannot jump the A and B Terminal because there isn't a A and B Terminal. How do you jump them? I did get the right harness from the exact car, the exact 1995 car, I have to go to the part dept at a gmc dealership. I did not replace the ecm. That why I wanted to check the ecm with a scanner to see if any problems, yet I cannot. It cannot communicate with the ecm. Let me know what else. Thx u.



September, 15, 2012 AT 11:06 PM

Msg to roy, I replaced the IAC and still its idling very high. I do not see or hear any vacuum leaks at all. All I know that when I start the car, there is no SERVICE ENGINE SOON that comes on until the IDLE start going up and then the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light comes on. I did changed the ecm also before I got the IAC and still the idle comes on. This is something that I am coming to the end and don't know what to do. I need help really bad. Thx u.

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