1994 Saturn SL1



January, 7, 2011 AT 12:43 PM

I have a 94 saturn sl1 when I first put the car in drive and press on the gas the car stalls for a few seconds then it drives but when I drive it around the block to a stop sign and stop it stalls again and check engine light comes on. It doesnt stalls after that but the check engine light stays on.I deal with this everyday, I have a enough fluid in my engine and trans. Can u help me?


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January, 7, 2011 AT 1:55 PM

Under dash drivers side find 12 pin DLC see diagram turn key on No Start jumper between "A" & "B" MIL will flash codes. So flash pause flash, flash, flash=13 codes will repeat three times. Post codes will advise



January, 7, 2011 AT 1:55 PM




January, 7, 2011 AT 2:21 PM

First thing you need to do is to retrieve the trouble code for the CEL indicating. That would give you and idea which component or circuit of the engine management ystem is malfunctioning causing the symptoms decribed.

Here are the procedures for retrieving the trouble code.

NOTE: On models using a 12-terminal DLC (previously referred to as the ALDL), if a wire is present at terminal "B", inserting a jumper wire into test and ground terminals of DLC with engine running will cause fuel injected vehicles to enter field service mode. Flashes of SERVICE ENGINE SOON light will not indicate codes if this is done.
See FIELD SERVICE MODE CHECK in BASIC TESTING article in the ENGINE PERFORMANCE section. On models not using a 12-terminal DLC or not having a wire present in terminal "B", codes must be retrieved using a hand-held scan tester.

1. Turn ignition on. DO NOT start engine. SERVICE ENGINE SOON light should glow. Locate DLC attached to control module wiring harness. Most DLC's are located under dash on driver side of vehicle. Insert jumper wire from terminal "B" (diagnostic test terminal) to terminal "A" (ground) of DLC. See Fig. 1.

2. SERVICE ENGINE SOON light should begin to flash codes. Each code will be repeated 3 times. If codes are not flashed or SERVICE ENGINE SOON light does not glow, perform DIAGNOSTIC CIRCUIT CHECK in BASIC TESTING article in this section. To exit diagnostic mode, turn ignition off and remove jumper wire from DLC connector.

NOTE: Malfunction history information flags and codes can be retrieved only by using a scan tester.

Control module stores component failure information under a related trouble code which can be recalled for diagnosis and repair. Trouble codes may be read by counting flashes of SERVICE ENGINE SOON light or by reading digital display on a scan tester. Scan tester is faster to use, more accurate and capable of reading information which otherwise would necessitate testing individual control module and sensor/solenoid connector terminals using a digital voltmeter.

NOTE: When using most scan testers, a time delay exists between serial data updates. For instantaneous response, a digital voltmeter must be used.

If scan tester is not available, reading flashes of SERVICE ENGINE SOON light is possible by grounding diagnostic test terminal "B" (if a wire is present) of DLC with ignition on and engine off. See Fig. 1. For example, "FLASH, FLASH, pause, FLASH, longer pause" identifies Code 21.

First series of flashes is first digit of trouble code. Second series of flashes is second digit of trouble code. Trouble codes are displayed starting with lowest numbered code. Each code is displayed 3 times. Codes will continue to repeat as long as DLC test terminal is grounded.

NOTE: Trouble codes will be recorded at various operating times. Some codes require operation of that sensor or switch for 5 seconds; others require operation for 5 minutes or longer at normal operating temperature, vehicle speed and load. Therefore, some codes may not set in a service bay operational mode and may require road testing vehicle in order to duplicate condition under which code will set.



January, 7, 2011 AT 6:15 PM

Sound's like you could have a bad coolant temp sensor but see what code's you have like docfixit and kHLow2008 showed you how to get them. Post the code number's you have on this posted question.

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