I started noticing the problem when I came back.

  • 1994 OPEL VECTRA
  • 10,000 MILES
I started noticing the problem when I came back from travel. When I off the engine to get fuel in my car after getting the fuel I start the car it didn't start my battery has run down so I called someone to help me with his battery and the car did start.I called on my electrician and he said it was the alternator and he did change the alternator after a week still having same problem pls help me what do I do. Here in Nigeria the weather condition is hot can I remove the thermostat of my car?
Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 AT 3:48 AM

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Your battery may have a dead cell. Check the voltage when you are trying to start the car as it should stay at 12 volts and not drop dramatically. You should not remove the thermostat as even though it is hot, it can be bad to run the car to cool at night and actually hurt the engine. It should be able to cool the car at any ambient temperture. Have you changed the antifreeze every 2 years. You must do this or it can cause contamination build up on sensors and keep your fans from running or send the wrong signals to the car computer. It can even make head gaskets fail. Anti-freeze not being replaced is one of the top reasons that I see custmoers having high dollar repairs for.
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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 AT 4:21 AM

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