I replaced the Pickup coil in my 1994 Ford F350.

  • 1994 FORD F-350
  • 50,000 MILES
I replaced the pickup coil in my 1994 Ford F350 XL Truck. When I was reinstalling the distributor the oil pump rod would not line up allowing the distributor to slide onto the rod. It is a cm or 2 off. I've tried to move the rod over with a prybar but the rod is tight against the engine wall. Is there a step I am missing? What can I do?
Monday, December 31st, 2012 AT 4:56 PM

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It should be tight to one side or the other it maybe that it is a bitt off on turning it. So with that if you marked the distributor as to the position of the rotor and such get it back to the marks and set it in then slightly turn the engine by hand(wrench on the crankshaft) it shouldn't take much and the distibutor should drop. The top of the oil pump drive shaft should be tapered as is the inside of the bottom end of the distibutor shaft so thats why I think it is just a matter of turning the engine just a touch.
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Monday, December 31st, 2012 AT 5:01 PM

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