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My key broke off in the ignition of my 1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE and I have a few questions.1. How do I remove the lock cylinder? 2. Once that's out, how do I disassemble the tumbler to get my key out? 3 I have called many auto shops and asked for quotes, but the price range that I'm getting is around $150/$175 and tha's more then I'd like to spend. I do have access to another lock cylinder/tumbler if the ones I have are no longer able to be used. All around, I have a huge interest in cars and am always looking to learn new things! I'd really like to do this myself (especially if its cheaper!). I just need the info and some advice on how to get it all done.

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Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 AT 8:40 AM

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I am not sure if the tumblers are easity removed from the lock, if yes, it would be an easier job.


Removal & Installation

1. Remove steering wheel, and then remove steering column. Remove upper and lower column covers. Place shift lever in Park. Turn lock cylinder to RUN position.

2. Disconnect park lock cable from lock cylinder housing by pressing locking tab and pulling cable from slot. See Fig. 1. Using a drill and1/4" (6 mm) drill bit, drill off heads of 2 shear bolts on lock cylinder housing. See Fig. 6. Remove lock cylinder housing. To install, reverse removal procedure. Adjust park lock

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