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How do I remove the speedometer cluster from a 93 400sel
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Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 AT 2:49 PM

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Are you trying to get to the CEL bulb bcuz its not coming On

Preliminary work:
Cars with mechanical steering column adjustment:

Steering wheel removed.
Contract spiral removed.
Steering angle sensor removed.

NOTE: Version A has withdrawal ribs at the front and
Version B has withdrawal ribs at the rear.
Version B has a ridge in the middle (arrow) as an identification.

Insert both withdrawal hooks to depth of approx. 8 cm at side between instrument cluster and instrument panel with curved end pointing downward and turn 90 inward toward instrument cluster.

Carefully pull out withdrawal hooks until they catch in the recesses on the instrument cluster.

Alternatively pull out instrument cluster on left and right sides approx. 5 mm with withdrawal hooks.

NOTE: In order to prevent the withdrawal hooks from slipping off while pulling press outward at angle of approx. 120 and never pull withdrawal hooks simultaneously.

Electric steering column adjustment
move out and down completely.

Ground lead on battery
disconnect, reconnect.

On steering columns with manual adjustment
Screws (1) if airbag is installed
unscrew, screw in

Cover plate (2), if airbag is installed
remove, install.

Screws (3)
unscrew, screw in.

Combination switch (S4) with jacket tube cover (4)
pull off of steering column, install.

With manual and electric steering column adjustment
Special tool 140 589 02 33 00 (2 ea.) Up to the marking
carefully insert between instrument cluster and instrument panel with curved side downward and to the side and turn both withdrawal hooks 90 to the inside to instrument duster.

Carefully pull out withdrawal hooks until they engage on the withdrawal ribs on instrument cluster.

Instrument cluster
withdraw, press in with even pressure.

NOTE: The instrument cluster is held by 4 spring clips attached to the instrument panel (arrows).

Electrical connectors up to approx. 05/96
disconnect, connect.
Electrical connectors as of approx. 06/96
unlock and disconnect, connect and lock.

NOTE: The odometer can be set with HHT on vehicles as of approx. 06/96.

Identification of instrument cluster capable of being reset with HHT: When the door is opened the display in the instrument cluster comes on.
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