How do I remove the blower motor for the air.

  • 1993 MERCEDES BENZ 200E
  • 90,000 MILES
How do I remove the blower motor for the air conditioner, some on told me that I have to remove the dashboard assy. Removing the plastic grill near the wiper motor works with the 190e but is the 200e the same. Thank you Richard in Darkest Africa
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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 AT 9:44 AM

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Only have info for 190E

Power input at 13 V 0.2 V 4th detent 21 A
Blower speeds rpm
1st detent 1800
2nd detent 2600
3rd detent 3500
4th detent 4100
Air volume at 12 V (kg/h) 550

1 Remove cover on air inlet See: Service and Repair Procedures

2 Release bulkhead (48) by unscrewing screws (arrows) on left and right sides. Then pull bulkhead forwards up to the engine.

Withdraw the ignition key when working on the windshield wiper system. Moving the wiper arm or linkage with the ignition key in position "1" or higher may activate the automatic wiper park function. This may cause hand injuries.

1st version of wiper system
3 Remove wiper arm.

4 Unscrew screws (arrows) on wiper linkage and place wiper linkage with motor to one side.

2nd version of wiper system (eccentric sweep windshield wiper)

5 Open cover cap and unscrew and remove screw (arrow).
6 Pull off wiper arm.

7 Unscrew nuts (5 nuts).

8 Remove wiper system from mountings and disconnect plug connector.
9 Take out wiper system.

10 Release clamping straps (45) and unclip clamps (arrows) at the sides and top.
11 Lift out cover (46) upwards.

12 Unclip retaining strap (47) using a pointed implement (e.G. Scriber).
13 Disconnect flat plug (arrow) and lift out blower motor (M2).


14 Insert blower motor (M2) into holder such that the connections point in the direction of travel and the motor housing is engaged in the motor holder.
15 Continue installation in the reverse sequence.
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