1993 Infiniti J30


ray w

March, 24, 2011 AT 2:43 PM

Need detailed location of heatercore for 1993 infiniti j30 automobile


Wiring Issue?


1 Answer



March, 24, 2011 AT 5:03 PM

I posted a diagram and how to replace it.
WARNING: Disarm Air Bag System before beginning repair procedure.

1. Remove lower steering column cover, then disconnect air bag module electrical connector.
2. Remove steering wheel side lid.
3. Using Torx bit No. 750H, remove right and lefthand bolts, then remove air bag module, noting the following: 1. Always place air bag module with pad facing upward. Do not attempt to disassemble air bag module.
2. Discard and replace air bag module attaching bolts.
3. Do not drop or impact air bag module.
4. Do not expose air bag module to temperature exceeding to 212 F.
5. Do not allow grease, oil or water to come in contact with air bag module.

4. Remove instrument panel assembly.

Fig. 5 Heater & A/C assembly

5. Remove heater unit assembly attaching hoses and electrical connectors, Fig. 5
6. Remove heater unit attaching bolts, then remove.
7. Separate heater unit, then remove heater core attachments.
8. Remove heater core assembly.
9. Reverse procedure to install. Refill and leak test cooling system.

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