1993 Ford Probe



April, 22, 2012 AT 4:39 AM

I have a '93 probe 2.0 5 speed manual transmission. I always check my oil every 2 weeks and the dipstick always registered at full. When I did the oil change, I was shocked that maybe a quart and a half came out and the filter was dry! Now it is blowing white (not blue) smoke excessively bad from the tailpipe until I let it warm completely up to normal operational temp, then the smoke stops. Although the pressure gage reads in the normal range, there is no oil showing on the dipstick. I have checked the oil cap, and the radiator cap and no foam residue is there. The dipstick itself does not smell sweet or has a watery residue on it. My radiator is still at full, green and not milky, the reserve is low though. If, of course, I lower my oil to around 2 quarts it does not smoke and the car runs fine. The smell of the smoke is of fresh oil, but also has a smell of it running rich with gas. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I do love driving this car, but am highly embarrassed to start it up!


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April, 22, 2012 AT 6:41 AM

Did you warm up the engine first or did you drain it cold, if cold, the filter may have drained back, even hot engines the filter can drain back some with the oil is draining, white smoke is moisture in the exhaust, double check for any signs of coolant loss, top the reserve up and ensure that it is on the full mark either cold or hot mark, even place a pen mark on the bottle and re check in a week at the same tem as checked, let me know if it alters at all.



May, 2, 2012 AT 2:09 AM

Thank you so much for replying back to my problem! I did top off the reserve and made a mark like you suggested. I checked it today and the reserve is empty but the radiator is still full. I checked all the tubing going to and from the reserve and all looks fine with them at least. I'm assuming I may have a gasket that is shot? I do understand that with these many miles on the engine, and the previous owner did not maintain it like it should have been, that my valve seals may be shot also. That will be a project in the next few months. I am just trying to figure out why it will only smoke this bad on a fresh oil change? I have changed the oil both with the engine warm, and when it has cooled. The results remain smoke unless I only put 2.5 quarts in it instead of the required 3.7 with filter. Could the system be plugged with oil remaining inside? Or my pump not working correctly? It does not make the noise associated with the pump being shot though.



May, 2, 2012 AT 3:22 PM

No, it is not a bad head gasket. If that is teh case, the reserve tank would overfill whereas the radiator side would be low on coolant. You have a minor leak somewhere and the best way to go about is to have a pressure test performed to locate the source of the leak. It couls be hose joints, water pump, radiator cap, heater core.

As to the smoke, if it is burning up oil, most probably the valve seals are bad and the return passages for the oil could be slightly restricted and not allowing opil to return quickly. These would accumulate around the valve seals resulting in additional oil getting to the velve seals.

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