1993 Ford Explorer



September, 4, 2013 AT 9:04 PM

I have a 93 ford explorer eddie baure edition 4x4 and we have problems with the brakes. Ok so ill be driving and when I go to use the breaks it starts whining and the brake pedal locks up and wont push in. My wife almost ran into someone while this happend one day and I have 3 kids. Any idea what it would be


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Ty Anderson

September, 4, 2013 AT 10:01 PM

Where does the whining noise sound like it is coming from? When you say brake pedal locks up you mean the brake pedal goes hard and does not slow down the vehicle or takes excessive effort to slow the vehicle down, right?
Check the brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir the check for fluid leaks below the master cylinder on the brake booster.
Next with engine off, pump the brake pedal 5 times then press and hold you foot on the brake pedal and start the engine. Does the brake pedal drop after starting the engine?
Try this and get back to me, TY

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