I am trying to replace my radiator

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I am trying to replace my radiator. Seems an easy enough job, but running into problems with my transmission coolant line. Does this line have to come off on the transmission side ( because on the rad. Side it is not a compression screw like most) or do I just call it a day, cut it and flare a new fitting onto the rad. Side? I would really appreciate any info because I can't afford to have a shop do this.
Monday, December 17th, 2012 AT 5:19 AM

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I have a 92 roadmaster. I replaced my radiator a couple years ago. There are just line nuts on the tranny cooler lines, correct? Take the nuts loose, pull the line out of radiator. Those lines can be a pain to pull out of radiator. If you take the radiator hold-downs loose, might give you some more slack in those lines. I didn't take cooler lines loose from tranny. If a 93 is different from the 92 as far as tranny coolant lines, my database doesn't show it?

Just to add, when you get the new radiator sitting in there, before you do anything else, Hook up the coolant lines, run the line nuts up a little, so your sure nothing is cross-threaded. Do the lines before you do the radiator hold-downs, you may have to move the radiator a little so the line nuts don't cross-thread.
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Monday, December 17th, 2012 AT 5:43 PM

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