1992 Toyota Previa



March, 31, 2011 AT 11:14 PM

My 1992 Toyota Previa van has problems with the electric. The tail lights, stop light, radio, clock, tag light, and the power door lock did not work. I already checked the fuses on the panel. What is wrong with my van? Thanks- quan20902@yahoo. Com


2 Answers



April, 11, 2011 AT 8:35 PM

Check and test all fuses and links to include the power main relay at center console

Fuse panel is located in a compartment on the top center of the dashboard. Engine compartment fuse block is located next to the battery. On vehicles with a rear cooler, there is an additional fuse in the engine compartment next to the cool box.



August, 18, 2012 AT 7:24 AM

I have the same problem with mine. There seems to be an open in the 100 amp White wire as it goes from the fusible link into the dash and before the console fuse box. Seems to be a generic problem. So many wires there I can't find it. If you discover the location let me know. I have back fed a line from the link into the fuse box and gotten the systems to function but would prefer to find the open and fix it. Please let me know if you find anything.

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